Thursday, January 23, 2014

Life in Tahoe

Like a fine wine life in Tahoe is sweet, well balanced, smooth with enough nuance to tease you to take a deep breath and let it wash over you before you have another sip. It is to be savored, not rushed.

We built then demolished a big Seahawk.
Despite the terrifyingly low snow total so far, I get to snowboard about 3 days a week. Whenever we get that iconic Tahoe storm I'm ready shred. In the meantime, I live/work in a very beautiful place. 

I've made friends here in town- people that make me want to be better, more interesting. Even so there are times that I feel a little lonely or far from home but then I think of you and the crazy things you were once willing to do for me. Maybe someday our paths will cross and we'll have another one of our moments. 

It's not always easy embracing new- there's tension and struggle in growth. Part of what happened this summer was an honest confrontation with the questions who am I and who do I want to me. Once you take the time to think on the differences in your answers to each, you can slowly bridge the gap between the two. 

I'm not sure when I'll be writing again in this blog- I have several other creative outlets that need more attention. 
I love to write but I hate letting people read what I've written. To anyone who has ever told me that they liked something on here: thank you. I needed that encouragement. Two stand out:
Where I play

-A friend of a friend read my marathon post and then mentioned it in passing. If you're reading this and thinking "wait was that me?" I never told you how much I admire your taste in music. Keep playing your jams so people like me can jot them down and try to impress people with your taste in tunes. 
-A girl who I briefly dated asked about a line I had written a year earlier. It wasn't creepy that you read all my old posts- it made me feel closer to you. 

Some closing thoughts: 
-Someday soonish I want to buy a house somewhere on the border of ghetto and chic.
-People seem to assume that friendships just "happen" but romantic relationships need a lot of work. The truth for both seems to be somewhere in the middle. Tell more people you care about them. 
-The gap between the haves and have nots is growing very quickly. Don't take for granted how much you have. 
New Year's Eve at Snowglobe
-Sometimes you love people before you've ever met them, sometimes you have to build something with a person to be able to see yourself through his/her eyes. Both have value.

Hopefully the next piece of writing that you read of mine is my book.
Until then- be in touch,