Monday, October 28, 2013

Final Post From The Summer 2013 Road Trip

My car is covered in snow, it's safe to say that the summer is over.
In a very poetic turn of events: Monsieur Bianco was both the first person I saw when I left Boston AND the last person I saw before I started my new job 4 months and thousands of miles later.

Before the remaining "things I asked my hosts" questions- I want to express how grateful I am for everyone that helped make my summer adventure happen the way that it did. Thank you/gracias/merci beaucoup. This summer wouldn't have been the same without (If I leave anyone out I'm sorry) in chronological order:
My parents, Mediastruction, Chris B, Jana, Dan W, SJB-Fartky, Erica Schneider, Erin Sullivan, Ian Az, The Airborne Toxic Event, Lisa Lerner and her lovely roommates, Maya,
Tyler, My Uncle Moose, Daniel Sanderson and his posse in Arizona, two plus two, ASPRING (also Lauren Fitz, Alex and Joey), Jason and Katie McCoy, Alisha/Chrisa/Nick, Mike Cohen and Ashley soon-to-be-Cohen as well as their whole UVM squad, Jenny Simler (Thug-las-Doug-las, Nancy), My Uncle Art, Max, Matt and everyone who gave me encouraging phone calls at some point. I owe all of you and hope you'll come to Tahoe and let me tour guide/host/snowboard lesson for you.
EDIT: Super big thanks to Jenna and Janice!

Questions from road #3-4: biggest regrets and happiest moments.
Most people see regret as "now that I know how_____ went, I wish I had done something differently." That isn't regret, it's learning. Regret is born in a moment of "I know I should do X but it scares me so I'm going to do Y." Those are the decisions you have to have to what-if at some point later.

Answers included:
-Letting an opportunity slip away
-Not saving more money
-None (x2, x3,x4, x5 ("I learn from the bad" was enthusiastically spoken from the fifth person))
-Not listening to myself enough, not trusting my instincts
-Getting "carried away"
-Not embracing my full self earlier
-Not moving in with my sister
-Not staying in touch with old friends
-Not following an athletic dream (x2)
-Cheating on someone

From that it seems like if we do what feels right and take chances there won't be any new regrets. You'll have nothing but moments of full hearted happiness such as:

-In 2006 spending time with a girl I thought I'd marry
-Traveling (taking a big chance.) Family time
-Summer between junior/senior year of college (a girl was involved)
-Back in college town, not worrying about what comes next
-The feeling of independence I had on my flight to Hungary
-It keeps getting better: my happiest moment is in the future (x2)
-Helping people
-Physical bliss
-Getting lost in music (x2)
-Fam vacations, road tripping
-Traveling. Moments that validate my past choices
-An after party. Everyone had left except my best friends and we stayed up talking for hours
-A specific round of mini golf

So that's it for being on the road. What have I learned? Take chances and try not to get in your own way. Love without fear. Talk to strangers and try to learn as much as you can from them- especially older people. Different is beautiful. Wanting to be multiple places at once is a good problem. Going back to Boston with FCGS will always feel right. Life is created by who you are- what you give out is what you get back. Social media is great for staying connected but never gets you closer than arms length. Not taking risks is itself a massive risk. Home is a feeling, not a place.

For the forseeable future I'm employed at Heavenly, living in Zephyr Cove NV, doing my snow dance (and reading, Keep Tahoe Blue!), teaching my body to run at altitude, working on my book. Speaking of which- this winter I'm looking for people to help me cover more ground on editing. I'd like a few people hold be accountable, perhaps implement some kind of embarrassing punishment or charity donation for falling behind and not sending monthly chapters along for review. Shoot me an email if interested.

Keep Tahoe in mind if you're planning a ski/spring/summer. It's a special place.


Monday, October 14, 2013

So this is what it feels like to get exactly what you want

J Simler recently asked what makes me mad. Best answer I could think of was apathy
A human life has too much potential to be wasted on things we have to/don’t want to/hate doing so we can have "enough" stuff and experience the occasional distraction. Don't be like that. 
I hope anyone who feels lost or scared or confused can look for and find:
-the open-mindedness try many new things until you find a few that make you very happy. 
-the courage and boldness to take any risks and go after what you want (even if no around you is doing the same.)
-the patience to realize it doesn't happen immediately.
-the resolve to keep trying until your life is full of everything that you love and very little else. 

Oh, hey there soon to be new hometown. Fancy seeing you here.
For those who didn’t receive any anxiety filled “please keep my mind occupied” phone calls: the past few weeks I’ve been interviewing for a Marketing Coordinator position at Heavenly in Tahoe. In my months of wandering, this is the only job I’ve wanted. I was offered it and accepted this AM. 
I’m flying back to Boston tonight to hang with family and friends and get my snowboarding gear. I want to see everyone so if you’re around, holler! 
Come to Yarden's party at Back Bay Social on Friday. I'll be brunching (typical Jesse move) on Saturday, place TBD.
If you're not around during the weekend, let me know and we'll figure something else out. 

Excited/embarrassed/tired looks like this
The job is right in my wheelhouse: social media/website stats/ad coordination and event (cough, x games qualifiers and winter olympic parties, cough) logistics.
The pro’s of working in Tahoe are silly good: I’ll get to snowboard the best mountains in the West Coast (and golf all summer) there’s a poker room near the office, yoga studios, the best running trails in the country, a creatively stimulating environment to work on my book. 
Anyone who wants to come visit is encouraged. Not sure my housing situation yet, but there will be room for an airbed/futon.

South Lake Tahoe is much smaller than New York or Boston or San Francisco but winter+summer tourism drive the local economy so the town is full of big city perks: various ethnic restaurants, art galleries, theaters and casinos. Also- it's stunningly beautiful

I look back and am humbled by the circumstances that led to this: interning at NBC, working at Mediastruction, volunteering at Operation Snowsports, leaving Boston to travel, having my uncle’s crash pad in San Francisco, having some unwavering support and the financial flexibility to take a pay cut. 

Enough bragging. Three more goals/unrelated thoughts:

I want to ask for advice from more elderly people. They've been around and seen/done/thought more than I have. 
The things we care about are going to change constantly so I need to quit chastising people for caring about different things than I do.
Yesterday was a damn good day for Boston sports. I'm excited to get to catch a sox/pats game with papa Jon and FC Greenstorm. 

Cue the "congrats Jesse" that this post is fishing for. I hope I get to congratulate you on getting exactly what you want sometime soon. 

Much love,