Friday, August 23, 2013

PFR#6: Repeat As Desired

Happy Friday (or whatever day you're reading this),
I've been in California for a month? That happened quickly. For those looking at a map, I'm in San Diego- back up to San Fran next week through mid September. Cali life is good; full of making new friends, bonfires, reading, learning to longboard, yoga, coffee shops.
Alisha, Yoshi, and I took a trip to Tahoe last week. Before that Derek and I took a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, through Big Sur, camping along the coast.

I lucked my way into a Sublime (with Rome) concert. People in Cali sure like Sublime. People on the East Coast do but not in the same prideful way. As good as the show was, the new kid is not Bradley. Those are massive shoes to fill and there's nothing he could do differently but there was an elephant in the crowd. Sublime was going to be the next big thing and it isn't quite the same anymore. This happens (David Foster Wallace) and is happening (Glee) over and over with genius entertainers. Too often the genius to create art comes at the cost of being able to live a normal life.
Speaking of music (Brag Alert) I'm heading to my second Airborne Toxic Event concert of the summer tonight in the OC then camping by the ocean.

Random Things Not Quite Worthy of a Blog:

-"The morning after the night before."
-It makes me really happy when things effortlessly come together.
-It feels different to learn something new (instead of more of the same) because it lets us evolve as people instead of specialists.
-Maybe your 20s are about creating self instead of finding self. What is it we would find anyway, and how would we know when we'd found it? Things you create (or at least personally experience) resonate on a more genuine wavelength than things you learn 3rd hand. I enjoy conversations about things that people have done/felt/realized more than when a person regurgitates something that sounded "right" when they heard it on TV.
-My friend Bob once gave me credit (probably too much) for the effort I put in to keeping relationships alive. Those efforts have paid off big time: a few weeks ago I had a Sangria showdown against one of my closest friends from middle school and the judges included my old next door neighbor and my roommate from Israel. 

-Something interesting I heard in a Freakanomics podcast. People are quick to use absolutes as labels. If someone is honest every day for 30 years and tells one lie, they are now a liar and there is nothing they can do to go back. Despite its linguistic correctness liar isn't a fair assessment of that person's moral compass. In a more morbid sense: Life has to win everyday, death only has to win once.
-You have a vivid dream and wake up. What if when we die, it's like waking up from a dream and there's a new reality, and after that another one, and another one? If this- that you would get to do it all again- was the case, how would you live differently?

There's one month left in summer, stop reading and go do the thing you've wanted to do all summer. 
-Cue the haters: I bought a longboard which I can't wait to unleash on Golden Gate Park with Mr. Mike Cohen. Wow has skateboarding come a long way: