Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PFR #3- Southbound Curiousity

Hi all,
Time is a silly idea. I haven't wanted to leave any of my last several stops (New Orleans, Dallas, New Mexico, AZ) I could have used more time to explore each of them. On the other hand every adventure has been so full of life that it has filled me with an excitement that carries on to the next place. These good times lasts longer than just my duration in that state/city/spot. The experiences I've had this summer are not lost on me- taking a breath I think about the whirlwind past few weeks. Wanting to stay and savor all these new places and friends is a good problem to have.

Some highlights since the last post:
-It is pronounced "Lewe-vil" and not "Loo-wee-ville" and there is an area called The Highlands that is full of bars and headshops and people not pretending to be anything but themselves. Maya tried to show her ID to a crackhead guy who very clearly was not a bouncer in front of the bar (unless bouncers chainsmoke cigarettes in Louisville.) The bar had no security and $2 everything, including a claw game full of practical jokes.

-"Last time a Philly won, her name was regret" said the Churchill Downs tour guide.

-In Mississippi I started to keep track of people who brought up the Boston Marathon. First Richard aka o_richardparker at Waffle House (coolest instagrammer I've seen but I'm not on instagram so give that no credit) then Heather at hotel pool then a guy on a Bourbon tour. Instead of "Tom Brady" or "Red Sox" for now people seem to go right to the bombing when they think about Boston.

-There was an older couple in the same 3 Bourbon tours we took. Tom referred to it as his pilgrimage to Kentucky.
I am now a more educated drinker. Angels Share is the bit of whiskey that evaporates from the barrels.

-Graceland was awesome- all of a sudden the king reference makes sense. If I was between 10 and 40 in the 60's I probably would have loved Elvis. He was as big a deal as the Beibs and Fall Out Boy combined. The ribs in Memphis are no joke either.

A Quick Thought on Getting Lost:
The road less traveled sometimes goes from paved to gravel to dirt to "are we on a tractor path?"
It makes me anxious and that feeling can be an educational place.

-New Orleans is vibrant. It's easy to feel loved in places where people say "hi" and make eye contact with strangers. The city is full of art galleries and beignets and people drinking wine on the streets. The whole thing made me very Paris-nostalgic.
-When in doubt: talk to strangers, turn the music up, or take a deep breath. If none of those make sense you should probably just say "yes" and see where that takes you.

-"Datsu-Sar-Sum" is Japanese for the escape of the salary-man lifestyle.

-The drive to Dallas dragged on but I had a refreshing blast catching up with this guy.
Ty- I'm so proud of you and excited for the years that you have coming up. Your high expectations mean the world to me.

-Gratitude wins, be grateful.

In the next post:
-My great uncle Glenn is the coolest.
-An eye opening experience in AZ. "The human spirit needs places where nature has NOT been rearranged by man."

There are occasional moments of "what the eff am I doing?" but they quickly fade into something beautiful at the side of the road.
Give me a call if you want stories.

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