Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Post from The Road #1 (Love notes to cities)

Hello from Philadelphia!
It might be the heat or the "what am I doing today" joie de vivre but it's starting to feel like summer.
Thanks you Jana, Chris, Sara, Erica, Ian for the hospitality so far. It's already been a big beautiful pile of perspective-strengthening, deep thought inducing fun.

It's only after leaving that I realize I've seen what I wanted to see in you. Maybe it's in calling you home that I don't look at you and smell you and explore you the way I have been in these new places.
Anyway, I wouldn't want you to think I wasn't thinking about you. Next time I won't take you as for granted. I'm so proud to tell people about the times we've had and brag about the Bruins and the pockets of hip and the growth of the food truck scene. Really, I promise, it isn't you- you're great- it's me that needed a change. Don't be jealous of New Orleans or Arizona- I haven't even met them yet! Please keep all my friends safe and make sure they have a wonderful summer.

New York-
Remember those time I said you weren't right for me or that I didn't miss you? I was lying.
New York, you crazy, you can make yourself right for just about anyone. That's why you're New York: the standard any urban place in the world tries to rival.
After the steak chez Bianco and your Zombie Hut Elixers on Thursday, I dismissed any criticism of your style. I'd be lucky to perhaps hang around Brooklyn longterm someday.
It didn't matter that it rained for two days after that- you gave me smiles and hugs and the most delicious Cuban meal I've ever had. I will see you again NY, don't let the haters get you down. They're only teasing your rediculousness because they know you're so cool.

Got To
It's been real Philly. I can't say I understand you, but I've noticed some big smiles poking through all the roughness. Any self deprecating cynicism you wear can't cover your muscular body of blue collar pride. Don't compare yourself to New York or DC or the other guys nearby- if you ever meet on the street you can beat them up. If they brag about having more "swag" than you, give them a quick slap across the face. Other cities are filled with people trying to go places, often pretending to be there already. Your people know who they are- self awareness and humble pride are rare. We likely won't ever see each other again, so know that you were my first (time I fired a handgun) and thank you for the steak and cheese subsandwichhero, hoagie.

Can't wait to meet you Cleveland, Chicago, Louisville!
Until next time, be in touch. If you're still reading this I almost certainly miss you already.


  1. I mean, DC does have more swag than Philly (#justsayin).

    But on the reals, sounds like you are having a blast and Boston will always be here for when you return. Toby says heyyyyyyyyyyy vid chat again soon.

  2. Really enjoyed your writing! Canne wait to read more....continue to have fun:) xx