Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Plans

You know that roadtrip I've been talking about for the past two years? I'll be leaving sometime in June.
It feels (and could be) stupid to leave a good job in the middle of a recession depression but I can proudly say I'm leaving Mediastruction better than I found it. I can't take credit for too much of this but we've grown (both in staff and office space) and our client list has doubled from when I first started. I thank my boss for the great opportunity and successful 3.5 years of employment but it's time for a change.

Details are hazy but are starting to come together:
-NY, then Philly, then driving to Chicago so Erin can fix the city.

The rest is a little more up in the air:
-After a few days in Chitown I'll hopefully be drinking bourbon in Kentucky and hitting New Orleans before catching up with Tyler in Dallas for a week.
-From Dallas I'm hitting New Mexico and Arizona, making a pit stop in Vegas (got to right?) then making my way up the West Coast.
-I'll probably be in LA/SF/San Diego until I've used up my stay on couches and guest rooms. Then there are a handful of additional places and people I want to see (Colorado anyone?)

Please holler ( if:
-You just read the above and thought "whoa I want to go to _____ with you and have some vacation time to use"
-You have some advice about being on the road, or a restaurant/park/whatever where I definitely should stop
-You have a couch I can crash on and I haven't already talked to you about it

When I've told people about this I've gotten mostly positive responses and a few questions like:
-How long is this going to take?
-What are you hoping to get out of this?
-Do you have a new job lined up? You don't? Are you CRAZY? What are you going to do for money?

I don't know how long this is going to take or what I'm hoping for at the end. I have fully embraced the possibility that 2 years from now I will make less money than I currently make. Starting over once or twice might be par for the "didn't figure out what I want to do with my life during college" crowd. Money wise- I will be ok. Over the past few years since college we've probably all spent thousands that we didn't have to and it has (for the most part) been completely worth it. Professionally, maybe this trip is just something I need to get out of my system. I'd probably be better at my current job if I didn't "what if" as often as I do.

The "why" is hard to articulate. For one, it feels right. I'm terrified if I don't go travel right now that someday I will be that old guy who wishes he did something risky and fun in his 20s.
I used to constantly feel like there was something really special/beautiful about me. Certain people (the ones who I have and do love) places, hobbies still bring that out of me but most normal (work) days lately I haven't felt very important or special.
I'm not worried about "finding myself" or whatever but I'm hanging on to this idea that if I do more of what I want then questions about purpose and meaning will take care of themselves. The world is beautiful, our lives are too short, and nobody knows exactly what's going to happen and how they will feel about it.
In 2013 I want to dictate more of the experiences that will shape who I am 5/10/25 years from now. Some combination of luck, circumstance, sacrifice, and curiosity has put me in the position to do this. This "someday" has been stretch over the last 2 years and it would be very easy to continue to stretch it: find a new job that pays a bit more, maybe stay at my current job and buy a condo....but that doesn't feel right.
Us weirdos gotta do something different that what's expected.

Also, if I can't find a job maybe I'll finish writing my book...maybe.

It will be a kick-ass last month in Boston.  See you in a few months West Coasters.