Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Putting A Run of Bad Cards in Context (An Overdue "Thank You for the Awesome Donation" to my Parents)

This is a much belated Thank You For Donating to MFH post to my parents:

Lot of Text, worth it

At 26 I feel both young enough to remember childhood experiences and old enough to be able to see their place in my becoming this current level of me. Without ever pushing to an unreasonable level, my childhood took full advantage of the freedom to explore that my parents gave me.
They supported my obsession with collecting baseball cards, took me to get the best yoyo so I could dominate the 2 days that it was cool to yoyo. They sent me to inline skating camp, etc, etc,etc.
I remember the cruise we went on when I was only 14 and my dad snuck me into the casino to play penny slots. The cab ride back to the airport he told the cab driver I hit "it" big. The cab driver was very unimpressed to hear it was $11. At the time $11 might has well have been a million. It was money that came out of a machine because I was good at a shiny game, cabbie didn't get it.
I look at my current allovertheplace hobbies/interests and I owe you, mom and dad, a thank you for letting me explore them. You probably often had to close your eyes in support of a bad idea that you wanted me to see on my own. As I continue whatever this exploration will become, I'm very lucky to know that I come from you two and you have my back.

I'm old enough now to realize a few times that I was completely "got" by my parents.
-One time I was having a little kid fight with my mom about some little kid b.s. and told her I was going to run away. She didn't try to stop me, I was sneaky fast so how would she have? I turned my pillowcase into a rucksack and filled it with granola bars and juice boxes (it was summer and I was 7ish, so this covers everything you need to live on your own right?) Before I left my mom nonchalantly told me to make sure I don't drink the juice boxes after dark. Juice will attract wolves.
Forget that wolves don't drink juice: there are 0 wolves around our house. There was also a 100% chance I would return home before dark. Well played mom.
-On a trip to Toronto I got an ear infection. My parents had room service bring up pudding every few hours and let me watch Last Action Hero on repeat for 36 hours. I was scary sick but don't remember any pain or nausea. I was on an adventure, it was something new.

I spent most of a sleepless last night bemoaning a few hours of bad luck. In the scheme of my "luck" I got to grow up as part of my family so I imagine I'm way ahead. Hopefully it stays that way and I can share it with all of you.
Thank you mom and dad, not just for the donation, but also for "doing the nasty" and making me happen (I feel so dirty typing that.)

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We're having a fundraiser on 4/6 (6:30pm) at The Point. Come by if you can.

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