Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Gushing Endorsement For The Diesel (AKA why you should befriend Calvin Tse, if you're lucky enough to get the chance)

I'd like to thank my man Calvin for his generous donation to Medicines for Humanity.
Thinking back to the several years in which I was lucky enough to live within 50 yards of Calvin, I am grateful for a whole bunch of "honorable mention" favorite Calvin moments:
-Cal was the first person to give my dad (if you haven't met him, he is quite thin) the nickname "Big Jon"
-One time we went to Turning Stone and slept in my car. Side note: anyone to whom I introduced Sic-Bo, Calvin is the one who showed me the way.
-I went out to Calvin's house in New Jersey for July 4th one year and his friend's brother was smoking cat nip.
-I thought Calvin was taking a nap but he was just bugging out and couldn't move.
-I was at Cal's apt (which included a floor to ceiling picture of himself he found at NYU) when the brief Kimbo Slice era ended.

This will be a less interesting story than some of the above, but my favorite memory of Calvin is a silly one. We're living together our sophomore year at NYU and fake ID'd our way into some wine and liquor and had, as 19/20 year olds do, gotten a little crazy.
We're on a train heading to some party and there's a family sitting across from us. The daughter, who is maybe 6 years old, asks the father to let her hang from the handrail above. He lifts her to it and the momentum of the train leaving Spring St station swings her around. She giggles.
Cal and I look at each other in a shared moment of that's so awesome: I wish I was 50 pounds  that in our 20 year old hyper-competitve* boozed up brains translates into a pull up contest on the uptown 6 train.
Who won? I don't remember, but I was sweating when we got to the party.

This moment might also signify the turning point of who was more athletic/would win in a fight. Actually scratch that- until he demonstrates otherwise I can beat Calvin in a fight (being taller and 60 pounds heavier certainly will help me)- but in the time since that train ride he has probably gotten very close.

*Maybe that's why we liked playing poker together (still pissed he beat me heads up in the freshman year floor wars poker tournament)

Calvin is the kind of friend who is on your shoulder unconditionally rooting for you but ready to laugh at you if things don't work out.

Cal- I am super jealous of your world-trotting and I hope you continue to get everything you want. You're a good one and you deserve all of it. The world need more great guys like you.  Never change!