Thursday, January 24, 2013


Hey all-
Sorry for the delay,  I'm a little late posting this. December quickly passed and despite the Mayan's best guess the world didn't end. Shocker. January has been sprinting and doesn't look like it will let up.
A few people have asked me about goals for the year. I had given myself until my birthday- a self imposed arbitrary deadline- to figure that out. Still, I don't have a concrete list like the past few years. Instead I'm stealing Dan Sanderson's killer way of looking at it; these aren't resolutions but rather part of an ongoing personal growth. Itz something like:

Read More.*1 Exercise with more balance and consistency.*2 Cook healthier and experiment with food Have more meaningful 1-1 time with friends (deeper connections) Crush poker*3. Travel. Dance often. Invest (long) into companies that are trying to do something socially productive. Continue to dive into spirituality. Find more time to write. Keep asking questions. Wake up earlier, treat the morning hour like a gift. Travel*4, Buy a new car- preferably one that isn't inclined to break engine belts. Commit intrinsic acts of selflessness. Keep much better focus on the task at hand. Travel. Spread the love- smile at strangers, hold more doors open, give more hugs, be a more open ear/shoulder/back/whatever people need. Show up to surprise friends more often (see woof) We are built for connection not isolation. Cut the fat (metaphorically....ok, literally too) Manage my energy better- It's impossible to be everything to everyone all the time. Travel. Fill in more gaps. Be a more honest self-assessor. Feelings don't retreat until they've taught us what we need to know, pay more attention to them. Be less insecure*5

*1- Currently wrapping up SSTLS, Heart/Smart/Guts/Luck, then on to Zen Plus The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Stars My Destination, The Alchemist. Any suggestions or book buddies for the above?
*2- Specialize vs a bit of everything? I tend to get really into either running or yoga or lifting and ignore the others. That's probably not that healthy, I need to physically diversify. 
*3- I had planned a bunch of poker as part of a road trip, but is poker any good? Games are much harder than they used to be. The people playing just for fun all lost their money and found a more productive hobby, so the people who still play do so pretty well. Plus they're cranky and not alto pleasant. I don't want to be that guy for a few bucks.
*4- I'm currently at a crossroads as I look at 2013. I want to travel (road trip!) but what comes after that? Teaching abroad? A new job in Boston? The same job in Boston? Taking time to write? Maybe it's just a mancrush on Ryan Gosling but all of a sudden fixing up a dilapidated house by a river seems like a really good idea.
*5- I've been oscillating between worrying about money all the time and setting my wallet on metaphorical fire. Sometimes I embrace much more responsibility, other times I want to be left alone.

Shout out to Tyler, Nick, and Alexa- I'm super proud you for making the hard choice to go after something you wanted and impressed that you got what you wanted.

End of 2012 Woofing:
-Did my best Santa impression: driving around Boston listening to awesome music All I Want for Xmas on repeat delivering spontaneous presents.
-YES: Will get its own post at some point but I'm really digging the winter volunteering.

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