Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Non-Financial Currencies

I looked up the definition of investment and it is far too literal IMO. It should be more like:
-Any demonstration, be it physical or otherwise (a relationship, idea, work, physical object) that is worthy of time/effort/money/sacrifice because in the future your effort will be returned to you in a greater fuller sense than what you gave.
-An earned opportunity for growth.

I've been feeling more and more like I owe the world a year of service: a period of putting educating/donating/building for people ahead of making money and my own shortish term goals. It's not like I'm about to get ballinoutofcontrol with my current job anyway.
I hope (and please hold me to this) a year from now I can point to the above paragraph and realize this feeling was a spark for something big. The only thing really holding me back from that is money, the idea of money.
Money should be a tool that makes your life work. Any tool shouldn't be an end goal. If you're building a shed, you wouldn't spend 90% of your time/energy planning which saw and hammer to use. If you do- you will lose focus on the shed itself will be a rushed or ignored mess.
If you can spend your time doing something that makes you happy and fulfilled, money can maybe figure itself out. Other currencies- time, energy, space, your body- are at least as important as money but don't get nearly the attention.

A few people have scoffed at my idea to take some time off. ZOMG it will be a step back in your career! That's ok by me. It's natural but not necessary for things to go in a line. It keeps people moving:

Good high school grades->College Admission->Good College Grades->"Cool" unpaid internship->Less cool paid intership->Crappy Job->Renting an apartment->Slightly Better Job->Buy A Car->Promotion->Leverage Job to Get a Better Job->Buy a house->Get job that really pays->Get married->Another promotion->Start a family->Work/vacation (repeat this step a few times)->Get old

Linearity is fine but shouldn't rule out exploration/passion/trial+error/stepping back in the line multiple times. I write this as a total hypocrite, but I'm working (or at least day dreaming) really hard on that.

Edit from last blog: I don't like Linking Park, this is what I was referencing. 

Happy Chanukah Friends,

CFBE (not sure the number):
She's looking at me looking at her looking at me and I'm thinking about her thinking about me and this back and forth keeps getting stuck. The day goes by.

Last thing: I just read on FB that two friends of mine suffered a second recent heartbreak. I don't have your cell phones, but if you need to bounce thoughts off someone let me know. I will be thinking of you. If you're reading this and it isn't you- be grateful for your family.


  1. Challenge: can you not have "exploration/passion/trial+error/stepping back" within the linearity/sequence of events you describe?

    To me, getting a promotion, changing jobs, getting married, starting a family, etc is inherently challenging/mind-altering/life-changing/perspective-changing... so I don't think it's just a mundane, robotic "line" as you make it out to be. I would challenge anyone to try and follow that path-- we will all stumble, fall, etc-- it will be far from "a line." I'm not going out of my way seeking an adventure, I'm living it?

    Have a great week and thanks for your voicemail :) We'll get together soon.

    1. A couple things:
      1) I left you a voicemail?
      2) What you're describing would fall into two categories to me:
      -Like you said the step forward can inherently be a changing/exloring event and it's usually a good thing. That wasn't my point.
      I'm more thinking of "man I've always wanted to work at a zoo but I'd only make 1/3 the money I make now so I'm not going to do it. Plus how would I get another office job if I don't like zookeeping? No one will hire me as an accountant if I'm a zookeeper!" type attitude.
      - The line isn't a box. The funamental thing about it (IMO only) is an issue of doing what's expected next of you rather than figuring out what you want. I still don't think I'm describing it the way I mean too, but I gotta rush out to a meeting. Didn't mean to call it boring or bad- only anonymous. I'll email you later or something.