Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28 Word Dump (Thanksgiving, a Weekend)

I complemented a friend for letting me in on his (or her, for the sake of anonymity) thought process. Wanted to do the same, even if it's all over the place.
Good luck on Powerball everybody!

Get out of my inbox you manipulative Cyber Monday sales emails. I understand you want my money but no one needs a clever t-shirt. Quit trying to take advantage of my gaping insecurities (of course I want to look nerd chique but I will never wear that "Link In Park" shirt.)

Sunday 8-ish-AM after overhearing something I wasn't supposed to
There's a side to everything that we're not supposed to see. The hidden side is probably closer to reveal the "truth" then the staged version we get to experience. The choices we make when no one is looking reveals who we are. It's sad that they don't paint the bottoms of furniture.
Our feelings and views are shaped by the projection of previous experiences. This game theoretical approach to the world probably isn't best, but it's ok.

If the world gets random enough it will start to make sense.
I read about motivations of conspiracy theorists. The easy assumption is that they are paranoid and think the world is out to get them. In truth- they just want to make sense out of the world and what they see doesn't make sense to them.
Meeting new people isn't random- a new person's perspective can be a blessing or a lesson, hopefully both.

(Laughs at self for getting upset about car dying again.) You really can't expect a physical "thing" to hold it's value. We (we=not poor people) probably derive too much self-value from buying things and too little from more important ideas of self.
-How hard would I fight for my friends?
-What would I sacrifice to take a crazy high-risk shot at being happy?
Along these lines, see Monday.

Reasons I am thankful this Thanksgiving:
-I got to do some really cool things this year. Boston Marathon? Sky diving? Going to Israel? Routinely going to play a ridiculous game that I love and can (sometimes) make money at? And I'm planning a 2013 that's even more full of bucketlisting? Life is looking up.
-My family is safe and healthy. My friends are starting to find their way through the mess that is being 20-something and getting everything they want.
-My mind is more open than it has ever been.
-2012 was a trying year work-wise but I will come out of it with a more informed perspective on professional life.
-Most importantly: my thoughts are on the other side of the world this Thanksgiving. Everyone in the US should be thankful for their comfortable lifestyle. Imagine waking up to bombs going off? We take pride in our home cities based on sports teams? Imagine having to sacrifice something for your home- that's the reality my friends in Israel face every day. I admire all of them for it.

Last Week
Background: I was having a halfmind/fullhearted conversation with a friend who was stressing over her "what is this" relationship with a guy. They flirt and have fun together, but are part of the same group of friends.

Specific relationships house layers/subtexts/components built from each individual's and the shared experiences/memories of the two.  The general term "relationship" survives in a human connection between a person and another person or object. Our relationship lives in the space between you and I whenever we interact (actually, it's still in the space between us even if we don't interact very often.)
A relationship (and I mean ANY relationship) is gray. At some level there is an unclear boundary between different possible categorizations of feelings. The simplest boundaries, that I discussed with my friend, would be between A: Platonic, B: Fantastical(WhatIf), and C: Romantic feelings.

I can't see how any relationship could ever be completely in one category. Even a relationship with a celebrity who you have never met wouldn't be 100% B- there has to be some component of either A or C or both.
Two platonic same gender friends wouldn't be 100% platonic. That's impossible. Those heterosexual friends might have a relationship that's 75% platonic, 20% fantastical, 5% romantic. Two gender-opposite friends might be more like 60%, 30%, 10%.
If you're in a relationship, the fantastical portion of you relationships (other than your sig other) might be higher but the romantic part might be smaller.
I tend to flirt (shocker I know) so even in my platonic relationships the fantastical and romantic percentages are inflated.

The relationship my friend described to me sounded about 30/40/30 which is an unfinished book, a blank canvas. My friend (hi by the way) should be thankful that every door towards a happy coexistence with someone he/she cares about remains wide open.


PS- George Carlin is probably the G.O.A.T. "Always do whatever's next."