Friday, October 19, 2012

(Unlimited) Juice (This Party Is Gonna Be Off The Hook!)

Hey There Internet,

Certain lessons are very easy to learn the first time. Others you sometimes ignore and then they "peekaboo" in front of you on a Tuesday morning and you find yourself falling into some pattern that reveal a part of you that you're still trying working on. Monday I was driving when I figured something out and in this vividly clear moment that left me feeling energized. By the time I got home and out of my car I had completely forgotten what I was even thinking about. We're all weird sometimes, but that is not something to ever apologize for. Yes- I realize how vague this paragraph was.

I'm five days into a juice cleanse that will wrap up in about 10 minutes. It's an experiment- I have always been intrigued to try one (and as I often do, encourage everyone to try things that intrigue them.) A few things:
-I have a new found respect for how much fruit/vegetables it takes to fill a cup/bottle with juice. Naked costing $3.50 a bottle isn't a rip-off.
-My kitchen was a warzone. Juicing things makes a mess (smells funky, looks worse, kale pulp is gooey)
-I haven't been hungry at all. That's been a surprise. I've wanted to eat more out of boredom than out of hunger- it is apparent to me now how often I eat for the sake of eating.
-The only meal I have eaten this week was breakfast on Tuesday and it was about being social and not a n"ohmergawhd bacon" impulse. Food is a great excuse to turn off your iphones/tvs and come together and catch up with people. I'm happy to have a few reoccurring random food projects (Shoutout to Mo$ and Cali-bound Alisha*) that keep me in touch with awesome people that aren't in my immediate group of friends.
-The same food over and over, even if it's nutritious, is boring. Food isn't just about satiation, it's a chance to be expressive enjoy physical sensations: taste/texture/heat/smell.

*I'm officially a regular at Bob's muffins in Weymouth. I can walk in and say "hey, the usual" and it means something. So much awesome in that.

Moving on:
Youtube started streaming important events (debates, sky dives space jumps) making it easier for people to hypothetically live without TV. If Youtube could buy rights to stream all the biggies (Political Coverage, Sports Championships, Award Shows) it would mean really good things for Hulu/Netflix.
Until then we have this wonderful thing:

If you didn't dig that, here's a blog saver:

WOOF #doublecharity
I'm at Whole Foods and the lady at the next registers card is declined. She's short on cash, clearly embarrassed. I'm wandering by and her kid (grandkid?) is nagging at her about some little kid stuff. The amount she's short is under $20 so I offer on covering it. She politely declines. I slip the $ to her grandkid so he can cover it.
She asks for my address and I told her to just donate whatever she's comfortable with to a local charity.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Election

I just saw a "NObama" bumper sticker and now feel compelled to post two things that make me sad. .

First, the elections, and the politicians fudging up my work life ('bama, Rombomb, EW, and hot Scott) are creating way to much negativity. Good life lesson: don't be anti-anything.
Instead of being anti-winter, be pro-beach season.
Instead of being anti-Beiber, be hyper excited about Nirvana.
Instead of being anti-dance clubs, be pro-bowling alleys.

There's been hoopla over the conventions and debates and percentages (some that came up last week include47, 98, 1, 100, 50, 22.)
People like to talk without anything to say. This is particularly depressing when it involves who you think should run the country. While I'm paraphrasing but I actually heard this conversation on a bus:
Guy #1 is a 40-something vet, dressed poorly and overweight but handsome. Guy #2 is older, maybe 60,  and seems wealthy. The two seem to recognize each other but don't seem particularly close. Guy 1 gestures towards a "Romney 2012" sign.

#1: Do you think he has a chance?
#2: Maybe. Obama didn't do anything he said he would.
#1: Well I'm republican, so I have to vote Romney.
#2 Nods head to agree. Plus the war.
#1 Mhmm. (nodding to agree) Wait, which war?

I'm pro the "vote4stuff" movement, but isn't that lost when people take action without researching or knowing what they're talking about? People seem to want to take a stand before they know what they stand for.

Can I vote for Ron Swanson?
I could write in R.S. and maybe I will, but in practice I'm going to vote (for myself!) to be the more in the driver seat my life and start having control over my own decisions. I came across this quote the other day that was something like "freedom is doing what you like, happiness is liking what you do" and we should vote for both.
Back in real life I'm voting Obama, if anyone cares.

Enjoy your Chris C day. Go explore something.

Woof #1-
Saw on FB that my friend Erin has bronchitis. Brought her soup and OJ. Turns out it was the wrong person (same last name.) Epic fail. This was also as the sun was setting for the Yom Kippur fast. I had to look at that OJ during all my car rides during the fast.
Woof #2-
Instead of laughing at Trisha for posting so much on FB about Red Bull, I brought her a case of Red Bull when I was near WW.

"It would be twisted to tell you I miss you when you just fell through my grasp and now you're right here." She says, running her fingers through cinnamon hair.