Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yom Kipper (Friendships, Forgiveness, #Shantytown)

Interweb Friends,
It is midway through the Yom Kippur fast and instead of taking lunch, I have a blog break.

When you ask someone what matters most, he is likely to talk about relationships: his friends and family and mentors.  That persons unfocused life however is probably full of worry over money and obsession over materials (how nice is my car/house/how much do I get paid/how much do I weigh?) The cost of worrying about quantifiable values is that we miss out on moments that we could enjoy and even when we are hit over the head by them we fail to appreciate.

This weekend (Plymouth2012) was a reminder how crazy blessed I am to have so many friends that its difficult for us to squeeze into a house. #Shantytown
To my friends and my family: I think the world of you. If I've been frustrated or annoying or I've hurt you or let you down this year, forgive me. I wore myself out this Spring/Summer, and anything I do has been based on what I thought was best. All you can do is what feels right, especially on Yom Kippur.

Forgiveness is acceptance. To forgive another is to accept a difference: you do and say things that I don't and this can create friction but that's actually productive, not bad. At Yom Kippur you have to forgive yourself as well. We all come up short- if something's important you keep trying and find a new way to make it work.
Starting (looks down at watch) now I'm going to do one selfless act per week for you. That will be my mitzvah to earn your friendship. I'll post them in this blog as woof's (weekly offering of friendliness) to hold myself accountable.
This year will be a year of learning/exploration and I am honored that I have such great people to share that with. Speaking of which, if anyone has a charity they support or are fundraising for, now would be an excellent time to text me. I am going to make a few kharmic donations this afternoon. My $ goes to Taylor Morris if I don't hear from anyone (with a "Keep Calm, Chive On!" note, obviously)

(Audible Sigh) I'm super hungry. If you're drinking a coffee, savor the next sip for me. Think about where that coffee was grown and how it was brewed. Taste how delicious it is. Is it sundown yet?

Make the new year everything you want,

PS- How good a name would Tom Kipper be for a male stripper? Not that good? Ok nevermind.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall Preview/Rosh Hashanah (and the return of CFBE)

Oh hey there edge of sanity,
Fancy meeting you on a Wednesday night (as I'm writing this, not sure when it will post.) Shall we see what you're made of?
This is a list post.

5 Things I'm Looking Forward to this Fall:

5a/b) Movies!
-James Bond fanhood is timeless. I was a James Bond fan when I was 10 and if I'm ever 100 I will still think Bond is great. Regardless of how nonsensical the plots get, I will always give the next Bond film a shot. Daniel Craig hasn't gotten much love as Bond and that's bonkers. The Bond character started as an over-idealized personification of the idea of man, rather than a man. Craig presents this ironically.
Cloud Atlas
(Catching Breath)...(Scratching Head)...Wow?

4) NE Patriots
-Fuhtziball is back and them Pats are going to be pretty good (like winning the lottery would be pretty ok) #nepride!

3)Foxwoods World Poker Finals
-I'm going to play in something but haven't decided how ambitious I'm going to be.
$1,100 Deepstack Bounty? Probably too intense, anybody want a piece? Bueller?

2) Walking Dead
-Remember that time HBO passed on Mad Men? Silly HBO. It's been 5 years and that let someone put together a better lineup of original programming.
There are some shows that I enjoy watching but only four shows that I make sure I see. Three of them are on AMC (Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Walking Dead) and the other is Archer (see #5 for my man crush on James Bond types.)
-Am I psyched for more Walking Dead? Heck yes. Am I mad I know how the graphic novel ends? Not really, it's hardly a shock.

1) A tie between spiked apple cider and hoodies
-Although my favorite hoodie is missing (see what I did there?)

What'd I omit? Who else is excited for Fall?

5 (not particularly religous) themes of reflection for Rosh Hashanah

If you want it in person, remind me to tell you my thoughts on hanging out with Rabbis in Montreal. Sparknotes- it was wonderful.
Rosh Hashanah- the new year- starts Sunday. It's a time to look back at last year and be grateful while looking for things you can do better. It's a chance to hit the reset button.

5) Creation: It is the "new year" which implies that it's a celebration of the existence of people. Celebrate for celebrations sake. All the time.
4) Connection: Are you in touch with your favorite people? Are you doing the things that make you happy?
3) Self improvement (and helping people): What will you do better at this year? What can you do that matters?
2) Discipline: The answers are usually easy, following through is harder.
1) Repentance/Gratitude: The shofar sounds. You repent. It's a new slate.

Next year (and I'm prodding myself here too) do what makes you happy and let the rest take care of itself. Don't work until midnight if you could be dancing instead.

"Just don't give up on trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiratio​n, I don't think you can go wrong."– Ella Fitzgerald

CFBE #9 (I think I might cap this at 20, so if I ever finish the book you would have read it all already):

“Anything really?” Sam shrugs.
“Old, older, newer stuff?”
“Be careful what you answer,” Tiffany chimes in “He’ll recommend you 10 bands you’ve never heard of and quiz you on it during dinner. He’s just showing off.”
“Thanks for your concern dear.” Winters walks downstairs and puts on a record.
“Who’s this?” He asked Winters when he came back up to the studio.
"What's this? Something tragically hip that might change your life."