Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On Falling (and starting to figure it out)

A three-pack of thoughts on falling from the sky:
1) Sensory overload makes you feel alive.
2) When you know something will turn out fine, don't overthink it.
3) Do things/be places that make you feel good as often as possible.
    3a*) A lot of people seem to have the attitude "I'm going to make some money and that will make it easier to then (then=later than now) be able to figure out what makes me happy and develop a career that uses all the best parts of me."
        3a-i) Take a moment and rank these in order of which would make you happiest: Freedom, laughing until you cry, creativity, getting to sit on the beach and drink a mojito, waking up and realizing you get to sleep for two more hours, reading something that helps you make sense out of your world, money.
    The idea of waiting until you're financially comfortable to figure out what else is out there is sneaky procrastination. Money can wait. It might not come. If you found something that makes you truly happy- hang on to it and be grateful. If you haven't- try to figure it out ASAP, money or not. 
On that note: Anna Springer (who leaves today to travel across the country) is going to be having a much more productive summer than anyone else I know. No one can tell her what she's in for or about to learn, but it's going to help her figure something big out about herself. In my opinion that is more productive than making $10k or taking a seminar on the history of native cultures on post-war art or being able to quote Hemmingway. J.S.*

    3a-ii) Most things come easier than they seem if you let them.

Abstract thought on falling from the sky:
She's sitting across from me as I wonder if this all happened through her eyes the say way that it looks in mine. We need to be careful not to treat ourselves or any other people as things. Is the Aussi man I'm strapped to just another version of me?

*The author of this blog recognizes that a lot of people will have the opinion that comfort > financial stress. If you have ever considered taking out a loan to make rent, my point isn't intended for you. If you've considered not going on vacation because it will interfere with investing in the stock market or saving for a house you might want eventually, c'mon.
*Does J.S. work as an acronym for "Just Saying"? I'm going to keep trying it out.

F***, I really gotta start doing yoga again.

Sorry this is preachy, wanted to put it up quickly before I get to work.
Hanging in there for a week until vacation, I'll throw another blog in before I leave.

C.F.B.E. #6

      The opening act plays a few decent albeit slowly quiet original songs. The crowd gets restless and packs the bar. They close with a punk-pop cover of Britney Spears that both steals the $2 gin and tonic’s credit for taking the serious edge off the room, and sells a few of the band’s t-shirts. The main act themselves- Chicago band Barely Sweetened- was like a dance hall version of the Rolling Stones that never quite made it.
To no surprise after her brag-laiden-admittance, Beth could dance her way into trouble. She had free-moving hips and an effortless sense of rhythm. She moved, albeit mechanical, quickly and gracefully. At the halfway point of the band’s set Sam started dance-flirting. He stood behind her and led her hips with his. Sam was a social dancer at best but he knew if Beth thought of dancing as a litmus test he was almost certainly passing. 
After the show they wander, Beth looking for a world off guard. For tourism’s sake Providence was supposed to look a certain way during the day and another certain way during the evening and a particular certain glow around the waterfires. This late in the night they could see the bedraggled face of the city before it put on it’s morning make up. 

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