Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Multiple Choice

Thoughts for the day written in middleschool quiz form (The answer to every question was D, I went 6/10 which isn't very good considering I wrote this #honestanswersFTW)

1: I'm grossly overshadowed by my  _______
A) Stories
B) Bullshit
C) Ambition
D) Insecurity

2: Life Capital _____ Financial Capital
A) ~
B) >
C) <
D) > right now, =in our 30's, <when we need to retire (but what do I know I'm 25)

3: Health is _______
A) Everything
B) Overrated
C) Debatable
D) Important

4: _________ should be ________
A) Creativity, Mandatory
B) Pleasure Reading, Required
C) Cynicism, Discouraged More Seriously
D) All of the above

5: It's ok to _______ about _______
A) Worry, your friends being happy
B) Fret, dem mecs and ladies
C) Cry, nothing in particular
D) A and C
E) Forget, Dre

6: Style should be considered
A) Something the hipsters are ruining
B) Chameleon-like
C) Repetitive
D) Indicative of personality

7: Instead of worrying about Kim Kardashian's divorce, we should focus on
A) The incoming LSD driven Zombie apocalypse
B) Gun Control
C) Politicians that spend more money promoting themselves than they do helping anyone
D) There are plenty of important things going that people (and I mean "people" holistically) can beat if they get young, smart, intelligent, motivated attention. Pick one or make your own.

8: "Nerd" is a/an
A) Insult
B) Compliment
C) Word best used affectionately
D) Growing trend of awesome

9: Season 5 of Mad Men was:
A) ZOMG Television
B) ZOMG Look How Pretty Everyone Is
C) ZOMG (Spoiler Alert) that's racist, I can't believe they killed the goofy british guy
D) A work of art*

10: When I ______ I want to be _________
A) get hungry, near a taco stand
B) figure it out, everything that you expect out of me 
C) have more money, over-proportionally altruistic
D) I'm not exactly sure
E) need help, surrounded by people who notice

*Seriously- that was one of the more moving, well done seasons of TV ever. And at the end? Playing a James Bond theme song; "You only live twice, or so it seems: One life for yourself, and one for your dreams" while we fade away from new Don as he gets back to being old Don. So so good, I'm glad that the show has gotten embraced the way it has. 

Context Free Book Excerpt #5:

Inside the entrance to The Water Cooler is a dark, narrow hallway that dissolves back into a cloud. House music booms from the far end and vibrates down the wall giving the entire structure a pulse whenever a beat pumps through the long veins of the building. Off the hallway, a railing surrounds a pit that opens several floors downward. Fog pours up from the pit and briefly makes the room seem on fire before it then turns to steam under lasers and strobe lights that dance and beat and drop. Ted slows down and turns left down a hallway with soft velvet walls. Sam follows him, running two fingers hip-high, but turns back abruptly when he seems that Mike and Clay were shuffling in a trance towards the balcony. He yells but they don’t turn to him.


  1. I can appreciate the last question and appropriate answer. It's not a bad thing to want in this world. Heck, it's not a bad thing to need in this world.