Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's rael

Thanks to anyone who gave me positive feedback this week. The calls/emails/mentions that you got something one of my blogs was validating. There are things that buddies have said that stuck out in my mind as indications that they figured something important out. Especially as our friendships have started to adjust to youngadulthood and it seems like people are wandering in and out of our lives, so I'm happy if I'm able to make any meaningful mark I can. I'm not sure if this blog adds depth or takes it away from my relationships. Probabaly neither, maybe both. As long as we're sharing something offline this can only add.

Last week's positive re-inforcement meant a lot because I too often feel like I'm jamming my business down peoples throats. Still that seems like the better alternative to calling people up and saying (Insert incoherent rant that ends "Why doing you love me!" and contains unwarranted verbal abuse here)
I'll try to keep those projections more positive. For starters- I think some of the people in my life are the best kind of crazy- the awe inspiring hugworthy kind of funk.

I'm happily writing this post on my first morning of vacation. In an hour I grab a train to New York then I'm meet my Birthright group at JFK. Despite trying to keep this trip expectation free (other than NOT joining the Israeli military) I've been very much looking forward to it. I want to get inspired but I'm not sure in what way. Maybe that starts by trying to do things as differently as possible (except perhaps for July 4th- if somebody offers me a cheesburger I will eat it. America!) Is inspiration too much to ask for? Do other people look for that? If you look everywhere and take in what the world offers you, you'll find whatever you need. We're so young and so lucky yet we stare at adulthood and put an ostentatious pressure on ourselves rather than trying to be youthful and curious. They should open SA for people addicted to stressing themselves out. Or maybe just more yoga studios and hookah bars- yeah, lets go with this option.

So if you need me this next week: I'll be hiking a mountain or riding a camel or trying to tap into something spiritual. I will take pictures and will be safe (yes dad, I'll wear sunscreen) and I'll try to email you back if you send me something.

Thank you for reading- keep doing that and I'll keep writing.
With much love,

Context Free Book Preview #7:
This brick building used to be be home to his favorite bar, now he walks by is a bohemian coffee shop. Fucking gentrification he would mutter if he understood the concept, instead he wonders where all the scumbags and their scumbagginess had gone to hide. Where would he score some grass? Around the corner out  South 8th street was a sleazy dive bar where, before he went away, he used to try to trick women into thinking he was successful or at least that he had a job. Walking in to see brand new barstools and a shiny tile floor where there used to be wood chips over cracked cement, Mick felt like the city was playing some sick practical joke on him. 


  1. I was going to write this on Facebook, but since I always feel warm and fuzzy when someone comments on my blog I figured I'd do the same for you. Have an excellent trip; learn a lot and eat a lot of good food. Take a lot of pictures, but don't spend so much time behind the lens that you miss out on what's happening (I'm guilty of that sometimes). Make memories. And travel safely. And yes, wear your sunscreen.

  2. Do in Israel what you do everyday in Somerville: wake-up and make the most of everyday, sunrise to sunset. Wear pants when riding the camel. And dammit call your bank ;) Have a great time.