Friday, May 25, 2012


Happy Memorial Day Everyone,
I don't want this blog to turn into posts about "look at my delicious brunch" or "ZOMG I just had a strange thought" so I'll consolidate 5 half rambles into one.

Who put this duck on Boylston St?
-I lost one of my oldest friends last weekend. After a week of sadness, nostalgia, and questions about death I'm now left with the optimistic idea that most of us have every advantage to live a life that we find interesting and meaningful. As a group of young, reasonably healthy and attractive, educated, creative Americans we have no excuse not to live story-worthy lives. Y.O.L.O.
--Making plans (and lots of them) and exit strategies in case these plans fall apart, will help us avoid having regrets. These don't have to be grandiose lifelong plans, they can be to see a movie or buy new shoes.
Stress over the meaning of our lives can be dodged with the accumulation of small wins. What do you want to make sure you do this summer? Don't worry about money and don't put it off until the fall- make a plan to do the first thing that popped into your head.

---Last weekend was awesome. I went out for Swati's birthday dinner (happy bday Swati) then to the Aziz standup, Earthfest, Mohegan Sun, and the Harpoon road race. Looking at a busy weekend in a vacuum makes it sound exhausting. But having such weekends and looking forward to the next one can make up for the fatigue and stress baked into our work weeks. Planning give us more energy than it takes away.

(this pretty lady is about to have a sunburn!)

---- I've been working on this Just Right Theory that says we intuitively have more figured out than we give ourselves credit for. If you're tired like it's the evening but still looking forward to the possibilities of the day, it's probably lunchtime. If somebody has let you down but you still have a good feeling about them, go with your gut.

 -----Most friendships are out of balance but so are most bicycles, river check/raising ranges, pizza toppings, drum solos, checkbooks and top-40 playlists. I challenge each of you to call a friend that you haven't talked to in 6+ months. You and him/her will be glad you did.

----- Have a fantastic long weekend,

Context Free Book Excerpt #3

Sam takes two heavy-footed steps towards the door. 
"Um, sorry son. We need to get a statement from you and you should most definitely let the staff doctor take a look at that.” Sam co-operates, following the police officer down a narrow utility hallway. The buzzing overhead lights swallow any sound that followed them from the casino behind or the nightclub below. White walls give way to stacks of small windows revealing spaces that look more interrogation cell than office. As they walk, the offices get larger but no less dreary or daft. This entire wing of the resort, which tourists and guests only see under the most extreme circumastances, has zero decoration. Sam follows the cop to a room on the far right. He is relieved but also disappointed that he hasn’t seen three fratters anywhere in the wing. “Have a seat,” the cop offers a small couch next to his desk. “Can I get you a coffee? Water?” 

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