Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lugs As Forces of Nature (Inspired, in part, by "Greenstorm as Dogs" by Nick Sims)

Confession: lately I've been burning an unsustainable amount of energy worrying about if people will think I'm interesting or cool. Without further pause, here’s a super nerdy blog post. If you are wondering what’s a lug? I hope you enjoy this anyway, but feel free to skip to the bottom as this post isn’t for you. 

Meg is a Tornado
Full of energy. Impossible to ignore. The first to pop up on the news’ radar or cannonball into the Long Island sound. Tornadoes leave a mark. On an average day you might not think about the clear windless sky but then someone says “Remember those times we were caught in a tornado” and you laugh and say “Yeah, I miss that- shit was crazy.” Some people go chasing tornadoes, I can't blame them. 
Jorgs is the first nice day after it's been cloudy
Warm. Refreshing. Beautiful but not intimidating. Makes a person want to be the most positive fun version of himself. Everybody wants to be around the nice days. We look forward to them, even when we aren’t sure when they’re coming or if she’ll pick up her cell phone when you and Bianco call to say you’re in the neighborhood. Most people have crushes on the first nice day during sophomore year of college and never tell her (obviously not talking about myself....)

Tyler is the rising mist
You don’t see the rising mist often but you know it’s grabbing someones attention and stealing breath- somewhere. Once the mist starts it continues for a long time. That makes it tough to have a conversation but you won't mind. The mist is always interesting when you're lucky enough to have a few minutes exploring it.  
You try to blow the mist in the right direction, but you can’t tell the mist where to go or what to do. 
The mist has no ceiling- the dew on a blade of grass or a pending rain storm means the mist has a chance. The mist is slowly figuring it out. The mist is getting there. 
The mist gives me good perspective, and lots of laughs. I want to move somewhere scenic where I can have the mist around me all the time. 
Dan is a tropical storm
Exotic. Far away, but even from thousands of miles the tropical storm makes surfers out of all of us. The waves come, and most of us don’t worry about from where they started but the tropical storm wants to know everything. The tropical storm gets to see it all. 
The tropical storm associates itself with Hannah or Monica and Stephanie. The tropical storm can dominate in any climate or culture. It has a strong vocabulary and a good sense of how language and communication work. 
The tropical storm sometimes refers to himself in the third person,or as someone else entirely. Non-lugs might not understand the power of a tropical storm, but a lug flies a kite when the storm is windiest. 
CB is a rock
Rock's are tough. Rocks are stubborn. Rocks have an underside and are filled with gems and crystals. Make the most absurd prediction you want but you never know what a rock has in mind or what’s behind it. A rock will take a lot of wear that he doesn't get credit for, but he holds his ground. 
A rock is dependable. A rock is for life. 
The Rock is larger than life and full of energy (
Rocks rock hard. 

Extra Credit: Vin is a meteorologist
Those meteorologists, so smug. They say it’s going to snow or walk right up to you playing guitar and violin or whatever’s the hippest instrument so far in 2012 on Long Island. 
F’n meteorologists, they think they’re so talented (ok, they are but don’t tell the meteorologists that. It will go to his head more than the babyblue ties and make up.)
There is a lot of uncertainty built into predicting the weather. Meteorologists do their best with incomplete information. He’s going to be right a lot of the time, but they don’t know what’s going to happen. A meteorologist might think he’s going to be (insert career) after he finishes (insert college) but he doesn’t know that it’s going to hail. Meteorologists shouldn’t stress out. The weather tomorrow can be anything they want it to be.  
“We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.” -EB White

Context Free Book Excerpt #2
“I definitely know you from somewhere.” She stretches the def, creating an independent word. Sam shrugs, takes two steps around the front of the car to make sure she hadn’t hit anything on her way off the road. He picks a few pebbles off the street. “I’m so embarrassed.” Her speech slows- inflecting each sound  “Have you ever” she fumbles with the zipper of her coat, “been surprised? And I don’t mean like a birthday party or a movie ending that catches you off guard. Have you ever believed something without any semblance of a doubt and then found it to be not?” 
Sam tosses a pebble sidearm. “Yeah, I’ve had that day.” The moonlight catches only the white stripes of the rustling grass as the pebble skips down the yellow line of the road.

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