Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hi peoples,
If you're reading this on Sunday, then today is my birthday. Please help me in my do-goodery (phrase coined by Kelsey Moore) by donating some money to Medicinies for Humanity and helping me inch slowly towards my marathon fundraising goal ($5k)
Link to donate:

Chances are if you've made it onto this blog you're someone I care about (hi to any rando that ended up on this blog too!)
In the first few weeks of 2012 many of us have been openly reflecting about how much we have: our lives are full of heaps of great things (and y'all deserve them). We have jobs and money. We have cars and flatscreen tvs. We have friends that love us. We have goals and ambitions and more importantly the competency and creativity to figure out how we're going to get what we want. We have stress over sitting in traffic and what time the sun sets during December. We have complaints about bands selling out and TV shows that have been on the air two years too long. I think we're also starting to have a sense that not everyone has what we do.

I went back and forth on running Boston and committing to the fundraising that came with it.
Eventually landing on "yes" in the hope that two things would feel good- getting back in shape (obviously) and doing something that legitimately helped people. Collectively, a thousand+children have a chance at staying alive and becoming adults because I'm spamming you for a small amount of money and you're donating. Saving kids is the charity's whole deal: they identify and help the most vulnerable children on earth.  (
Most of us are making the best of a great situation, not everyone gets a chance to do so. Show some love for the greater good- it will mean a great deal to me personally.

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