Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nerdin' Out on the Batman Trailer

For anyone who watched the Batman DKR trailer today (available here: and is wondering WTF that thing was Batman's about to fight, allow me to nerd it up...

DKR will be battling against two interesting shifts in the film industry:
-Movies come out on DVD/Bluray/ondemand more quickly than they used to. Coupled with the affordability of HDTVs, this has created "wait to see it" attitudes.
-Imdb/Apple put trailers out much further in advance than they did a few years ago. While youtube views of trailers are free, the paid advertising budgets that support a film release have risen. A lot of movies (caugh GreenLantern) fail as financial investments.

DKR is immune to these concerns, but has much higher financial expectations.
HP7p2 just broke the Batman record for the highest grossing opening movie. HP is out of content, so the Batman conclusion has a final chance to win it back.

Nolan is re-macking with his Inception playboy Tom Hardy as Bane.
Remember playing video games back in the day and you beat a level but have to face a boss that's unbeatable? Kind of like Bane who has a backstory of "uber-brilliant evil guy gets some super-roids so that he's bigger stronger etc than everyone else and can also anticipate their every move"

Summer movies 2012>Summer movies 2011. Already.

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