Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've covered some miles in the Scion (which I still haven't named evidently: suggestions please) the past 10 days: Maine, Vermont, several Boston/Cape back-forths. I'm withering slightly under the miles and time they take up. With the drive time, I've been thinking lately about the difference between objectivity and relativity.

The most compelling objective questions from this week:
1) What's a lot of money? The other interesting question here is what is money, but table that for next time.
2) How much is a long time?

The tendency is to answer either question based on an assumed object: How much X is a lot for Y?
Without a Y the answers have ranged from:
1) $10 to $10 million
2) 1 week to 5 years

Remember being in Westwood and saying the other side of town (2 miles) was too far? Or being in Manhattan and not wanting to go to a party/restaurant/park in Brooklyn?
It costs $40 in busfare to do a roundtrip night between Boston and NY. This keeps all things and people NYU feeling very close by. Despite piles of technology that let you see pictures of your friends and feel connected to their lives, a certain lug couldn't feel further away.

Blogsaver Time: (Credit to Kelsey, awesome video):
Notice the clock in the background- Cool ideas and projects take time, stay the course.

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