Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Halfway Home

I've half written a lot of blogs lately: one about Charlie Sheen's stranglehold on America's attention span, another about Japan, a third about problems with local government attitudes towards public schools and music programs. Too much (too often) gets started and put aside.
Intentions are usually born in a flurry of motivation and energy which soon dwindles takes progress with it. Now that daylight savings has passed there's a buzz of excitement for Spring, and everyone's planning what they want to do this summer. Camping anyone? Skydiving? I have some bold plans for golf too.

There's a line in Amelie that translates roughly to "It's a hard world out there for dreamers." But on the other hand it's an easy world out there for the person who start projects and finishes the ones that are important to him/her. On this note, quick update on some things I'm in the middle of:

1) Almost finished editing (finally) the first chapter of the book. I'll post a page or two here, email me if you're interested in becoming a (cough: unpaid) editor.
2) Two weeks into guitar lessons and I'm very glad I signed up for them. A few of the people who (I think) will read this have mentioned wanting to get into dance or music this year. Go do it, really.
3) Getting ready for Tough Mudder with Bobby. I told him I'd tell people he says hi, so Bob says "hi".
4) Team Greenstorm has filled out lease paperwork for an apartment (location below) for which we're waiting on a thumbs up. Cross your fingers it works out. I'm excited for the fun/happy/fulfilling year that I'm sure we would have together.

(Thanks Google Maps. Notice the spitting distance to JD's brunch)

NY People: I'll be down on 3/26 and would love to see everyone who's around.

Have a good Tuesday,

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  1. A few things:
    1) I will edit for you. But I request payment in Hot Tamales or chocolate.
    2) I've decided my first ballet class will be the Monday or Tuesday we get back from Florida. You'll get a full report on how bad it kicked my ass.
    3) I just Google Mapped how far you are from our place. Roughly the same distance as the Brenton's and Kevin are now. Woot!