Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Progress, Winter Experiments in Gravity

A) Is fading. Temps this week in the 40's
B) Has taken a toll on the city of Boston (potholes, cars hit by plows on most every street)
C) Is made for snowtubing parties
D) Hasn't started until there's a hot chocolate and schapps party

Saw Ira Glass (host of This American Life for you non-nerds) this weekend at Harvard. He had a lot of good nuggets about stories, the state of news/the radio, being Jewish. It got me pumped to work on the book (update soon).
-Other list updates: Me and Bobby registered for Tough Mudder (cue dear in headlights look)
-Birthright registration starts next week

Thought on the Superbowl:
Weak ads. The owner of an advertising agency told me today that his favorite was the Chevy ad with Eminem. I told him it was a Chrysler ad. As annoying as the Budwiser Frogs and Wassup guys were, they were iconic and fun.
Ok game. If not for a few dropped passes it would have been a game of Aaron Rodgers shredding the Steelers. As played it's the game that ended anyone caring about Brett Favre.

Tubing on Friday, Snowboarding Saturday, Further experiments with gravity Sunday

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