Thursday, February 17, 2011

Artist vs. Businessman FTW

If I haven't bothered you about it yet, the question of the week has been the following: Would you rather be a businessman or an artist?
(your answer dictates the follow up question)

The most common answer is to consider oneself a hybrid of the two. Great, but this is the obvious stance and doesn't answer or advance the question. Obviously businessmen aren't necessarally philistines and art doesn't require bohemianism. Your uncle knows a painter who runs a hedgefund?
After remaining uncomittal for a day or two, I am firmly saying artist. Perhaps this is a due to a weird past few weeks at work, getting crushed at poker last week, seeing Ira Glass speak, or finding out that the Haters Gif was made by a 25 year old. And course it's grey, and I'll continue reading the Ben Graham Intelligent Investor book I've been carrying around for the past month. But if I have to pick; it's artist. A lot of people imagine"creativity" as an explosive idea that hits a person. One says "I'm not creative" meaning that he/she hasn't had a moment of brilliance where a cranial lightning bolt results in a unique idea. But creativity is more about mine than it is difference or originality. The original question hints at an integrity that comes with making something (it can be anything!)

A few implications to the list:
1) I'm taking a few months off poker. I'll use this time to (hopefully) write and work on editing A.W.
2) Saturday morning guitar lessons starting 3/5 (if anyone wants to get in on this there's a good deal on Gilt Boston)
3) also keeping a continued eye out for dates of the Boston film race, expected to go in late March.

Quick Boring Update: Lot of yoga lately, also applied to Birthright via NYU's group. I feel mildly like an ass for having to ditch some people (we  had talked over the trip, but I needed to take a me-centric approach and just try to get in.)

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  1. I'd like to be a businessman (businesswoman?), make a ton of money, and quit to pursue my creative whims without fear of being financially unstable. As much as I hate to admit it, I wouldn't be happy living in a cardboard box on the side of road, even if I did have my "art".