Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Won't you join me on this adventure?

Does 2011 mean we '09ers can't keep telling people we just graduated college? A year ago some of us were boiling over the stress of finding a job while others, lucky enough to have a steady income were trying to make sense out of being caught between real adulthood and a teenage world that would no longer have us. Collegiate life had been clearly defined; there was a natural rhythm of registration/move in/classes/break and a very familiar care-free repetition. But all of a sudden there wasn't a schedule or path laid out across the void that had once been college. We searched for meaning in this new world, a place that looked the same as it had before but felt and tasted very different.
The author of this blog (I realizes I will be using a lot of I's in here but think it appropriate to refer to a former-self in the third person) had just gone through a break up, finished a job and moved back to Boston where his family had just moved out of the house where he grew up. He made a to-do list for 2010.  The author was keeping score and would like to brag that he went 10/12 on a list that included: writing 50,000 words of fiction during November, breaking 4 hours in the marathon, saving up X amount of money, reading a french novel. In times of confusion the author turned to the next thing on the list and following it led him to a productive year; but it certainly wasn't the most fun.

2010 closed in a much different place than it began. There's comfort in job security, but with winter came boredom and I started crafting a to-do-list to guide 2011 into more exciting waters.
This list has started to take a much different form than last years. V2 features travel (Road trip to Niagra Falls, new cities, more trips to NY) and new experiences ( sky diving, a yoga retreat, big buy in poker tournament) 
I think the new year will be more fulfilling if the people who read this blog (presumably all close friends: hi guys- you're the best) joined in on these adventures. The list is open to challenges that I will accept until my birthday. The final list will be posted on MLK day.

The most interesting thing about the challenges has been what they reveal about the challenger. Lighthearted people have suggested sillier exploits. Badasses have suggested insane grinds. Bookworms have suggested intellectual ventures. And selfless people have suggested charity. I respect everyone who has pushed me towards something that they think will be fun, fulfilling, or eye opening to me.

So far I've accepted the following:
Rock a moustache for a week (sims)
Perform at an open mic night with Nick and Jon B
Film and screen Loave 2 (Credit to Craig, but this was suggested several times)
Tough Mudder Vermont (turtle)
Read a tbd book list (Swati)
Become "Big Brother" mentor for the year (Kelsey)
Run a loop of the cape cod bridges/canal and go into nature/a mountain for a day w/out cell phone (dad)
Catch Patch Adams- the cat that lurks outside our window at work (Jon)
Do hot yoga 5 times with Alex and Craig, followed by mandatory conversations regarding the value of yoga (A/C)

Please call/text/email/facebook me your challenges. Preference given to things you'll do with me.

Quick blogsaver from the hipster puppy site:

Also, as I revise the draft of my book (Atlantic Wanting) I will post sections of it in this blog. Please follow along and let me know if you want to come on any 2011 adventures with me. 
Thanks for checking out the blog.
Much Love,


  1. can i get in on that road trip to niagara? and the skydiving? and the visits to NY?

  2. night trip, 6 hours of yoga/day.