Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slush Day

When I woke up this morning to hissing, I worried that a pipe had frozen and started leaking.
I shoveled snow and slush off the driveway. When it gets cold after these warm wet winter storms a blanket of snow can hide an inch of ice; If you're driving today be careful.
Outside, the hissing revealed itself as waves from the storm. If you haven't been to Plymouth, you can't normally hear the ocean from our house, so this was something of a revelation. I walked over to the end of the street where the wind was swirling up from the beach. 
From the bluff, the sky/ground/ocean are all the same shade of grey.

(yeah, that's from the porch- wasn't taking my computer to the bluff)

Challenge update: I got two very different ones this week that are simultaneously exciting and terrifying:
1) Read a poem I've written at a poetry slam (c/o B-Ross)
2) Apologize to someone I've wronged, and confront someone who has wronged me in the past 10 years (from Phil)

I'll be accepting the challenges until my birthday (Foxwoods on Saturday, all are welcome)
Full list and birthday "trip report" will be posted on MLK day.

Don't let the storm get you down,

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