Monday, January 24, 2011

It Be Cold, It Be Listed

Stay warm this week everybody. Something like -5 in Boston, Bob says it's -25 in Maine.

In the face of my upcoming year review from work I've been thinking about what I want this year/next year/the 5 years after so I've been hesitant to post my 2011 list that will dictate the future of this blog. Once it's published I'll be accountable for actually doing everything on it, and that's daunting to commit to. But after some soul searching I realize I need to do a much better job of making sure my days of full of things I want to do (or meta-want for myself.)

In 2011 I will:

1) Visit three new cities on overnight trips.
2) Make 5 trips to New York: Big fail on this in 2010, I'm coming down this weekend (1/29)
3) Take a road trip to Niagra Falls. People have expressed interest in joining me June-Julyish.
4) Go on Birthright (SJ and Jana seem to be down) to Israel this summer. I spelled Israel wrong when I first typed this.
5) Visit DC to see Jana/Walsh: another big 2010 fail here.
6) Go camping for a weekend without bringing ANY technology
7) Weekend yoga retreat with Derek
8) Organize a summertime Saco river trip for Greenstorm. About time somebody Atlas'd this one.

Do More/Do Better:
9) Sky Dive, booya.
10) Beef up my dance moves
11) Film Loave 2 (probably at 24 hour film fest in March) Laura/Jon mark your calendars. We can have a Loave screening party to get pumped.
12) Become a Big Brother mentor (Thanks Kelsey, I'm looking forward to this)
13) Try 25 new wines or whiskeys.
14) Accept any dare that Bianco gives me. He must be sober for it to qualify. I'd like to call that it was garbage to challenge me to accept a challenge, but we'll lug it.
15) The Phil challenge: Apologize to someone I've wronged, and confront someone who wronged me. Phil you're the man, look at your facebook status-you're out of control. If you don't know Phil, he looks like a not-tough Bruce Lee, currently lives in Asia and takes sweet pictures:

Aside: It is very wrong to link a blog and not give a holler to my blog mentors Alex and Craig who have the kind of solid life outlooks that everyone should steal nuggets from:

16) Do yoga 100times
17) Run a lap of the Cape Cod bridges (Bourne-canal-Sagamore-canal)
18) Complete Tough Mudder in Vermont with Bob: May 7th.

Challenge my brainium:
19) Read a tbd book list (Swati: c'mon already and send it to me or I'm deleting this line)
20) Edit a draft of my book. Working progress will be posted in this blog.
21) Read a poem at a Poetry Slam (B-Ross will come witness)
22) Take 10 guitar lessons
23) Play with Sims at an open mic night

Work on my poker game:
24) Write 1,000 2p2 posts.
25) Run my bankroll up to $X (withheld here, but I have a specific number in mind).
26) Play in a big buy in live tournament.

27) An overarching to-do will depend on my work review, but my living situation will be more solid at the end of 2011. As much as I enjoy both places I "live" right now it's easy to get lost between them. I look forward to having a no-doubt-where-I-call-home place to live. It won't be either of the two current places, and depends on a few extraneous factors, but it's fun to daydream about where it might end up being and who it will be with.
28) Almost forgot, I told Nick I would rock a sweet moustache for a week at this year. Creepy's fun sometimes.

If I forgot something I said we'd do together let me know. Time to get to work on all this.

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  1. Thanks for the linkage friend! So, yoga 100 times? 2x a week (roughly)? I like it. And, if you're ever in the mood to do yoga at home by yourself, David Farmar has an excellent collection available for free on iTunes. Holla!

    Also, I liked the throwback ad.