Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bumpin' Birthday

First- I am so lucky to have friends like all of you that came to Foxwoods.

A quick birthday recap for those who couldn't make it:

12pm: Arrive at Foxwoods, put in a mildly productive afternoon poker session.
4pm: The Boston guys arrive with open minds, energy and several more ingredients to making a good night.
5pm: We check into the MGM rooms (very nice) other cars of fun loving people start to arrive.
5-9pm: Light gambling and drinking.
9pm: Aries somehow gets us a table for 18 at Hard Rock. If this dinner was all I did for my birthday it would have been a top 3 birthday. Have I mentioned yet that I love my friends?
(Thanks to Anna Springer for the pic!)

11pm: More gambling (sic bo!) and rocking out to cover bands.
12am: Dance party at Scorpion Bar, and it's not an FC Greenstorm dance party unless Nick Sims drinks a 5 hour energy before hand.
3am: Nightcap in room 15115.
630am: Lug time: The phone of room 15129 rings. I'm woken to a slap of the early morning sun, the wavy brown hair of a beautiful girl, and the ugly grey area between a party and a hangover. I am 24 years old.
Sorry to bother you sir, we have someone in the lobby who says their staying in your room. I ask "who" but already knew the answer. Foxwoods security tells me that my friend has been found sleeping in a nightclub of which all the doors were locked and there is no way he could have gotten in. And he must be escorted back to the room. My buddy is apparently a ninja. Two security guards, one in a slick charcoal suit, the other in a faux sheriff uniform bring none other than a very disheveled Big Lug up to the room.
It was kind of like this:          

Awesome way to start being 24, and proof that the best people in the right frame of mind can't fail, or at least 99% of the time it works every time.

Full list of challenges coming up soon,

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